MYSURU is a beautiful and historical soft city – UN declared heritage city. Visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. Dasara – An exhibition of rich Heritage - Tradition & Culture during October – is a very famous celebrated 10 days festival in this part of the world.

Best season to visit Mysore is between September – May. Mysuru is 139 k.m.s from Bengaluru well connected by road and Rail. Accommodations are available to suit all the budgets.
Mysore palace it is in heart of the city 4 to 8 hours are needed to see the palace in details
Visiting Hours 10 AM to 5PM
Jaganmohana Palace Beautiful Art gallery about 100 miters towards west of the Mysore, palace 8 hours are needed to see the palace in details Visiting Hours 10 AM to 5PM
Lalitha Mahal Palace Beautiful palace situated in the east part of the Mysore and 5Km away from Mysore Palace a Famous Hotel
Visiting Hours 10 AM to 5PM
St. Philomena Church a beautiful church and beautiful architecture situated in the heart towards north west of the main palace
Visiting Hours 10 AM to 5PM
Historical Places :
                One day is needed to see each place in detail
              1) Belur – Halebidu               (about 165 k.m.s)
              2) Somanathapura                (about 30 k.m.s)
              3) Thalakadu                        (about 50 k.m.s)
              4) Sravanabelagola               (about 160 k.m.s)
              5) Srirangapatna                  (about 15 k.m.s)
Nature :
              1) Ranganatittu bird sanctuary              (about 16 k.m.s)
              2) Shimsha waterfalls                             (about 60 k.m.s)
              3) Dubare Elephant camp                       (about 120 k.m.s)
Hills :
             1) Chamunduhill in Mysore city
             2) Gopalswamy hills                           (about 60 k.m.s)
             3) B.R.Hills                                        (about 100 k.m.s)
             4) M.M.Hills                                       (about 160 k.m.s)
             5) Madikeri                                        (about 110 k.m.s)
             6) Ooty                                              (about 200 k.m.s)
Reserve forests :
             1) Nagarahole              (about 70 k.m.s) one day is needed to see each place in detail
             2) Bandipura               (about 70 k.m.s)
Hotels are avaialble to suit all budgets
Famous foodings in Mysore : Best in particular hotels only (enjoy local vegan foodings only)
Sweets : Special Mysore Pak, Kesaribhath (Sweet Pongal), Local Sweets - Bele Holige, Kai Obattu, Kajjaya, Pongal and varities of special rice
Main Food is Rice - Rice | Sambar, Rice | Rasam | Curds Rice | Chitrana | Puliyogare | Bisiblelebhath
Famous Local Break Fast
1) Masale Doosa
2) Idli-vada-sambar
Evening Snacks : 1) Maddur vada 2) Nippattu 3) Churmuri etc,
Seasonal Fruits : Mango Varieties, Jack fruit, Jam. (Available in – April to July)
Herbal Teas and Juices : 1) of Leaves 2) of Flowers 3) of Barks 4 )of seeds etc., coffee and Tea also available
Mysore is Very famous for 1) SPICES 2) MYSURU SILK and 3) SANDLEWOOD-HANDYCRAFTS
Mininmum 7 to 15 days are needed to understand Mysore FULLY.

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